Channel Manager

Synchronize all rates and availability across all channels in real time.  Update once, distribute everywhere!

Our Channel Manager is a back-end system that distributes and synchronizes the rates and availability of a hotel across online channels, such as Online Travel Agents (OTAs), Global Distribution Systems (GDSes) and metasearches. With a channel manager, a hotel only needs to update rates in one place, and the changes will reflect immediately across all channels such as, Expedia, Amadeus, Google Hotel Ads, etc. Because availability is also synchronized in real time, overbookings become a thing of the past.  If a guest books the last available room on CTrip, then that room immediately becomes unavailable in all the other channels.  Tough luck for the guest who was about to book the same room on Agoda!

The HotelOnline Channel Manager is entirely cloud-based, with no software ever having to be installed.  It is part of the HotelOnline Booking Suite, provided free of charge to our hotel partners.