Erix Kivuti

Erix Kivuti

Senior IT Manager

Erix Kivuti is one of our four systems developers. He is a seasoned web developer, with 11 years of experience from various companies in international markets.

Erix joined HotelOnline (then, Savanna Sunrise) in April 2016, after his successful project

His journey in web development started in 2009, when he created his first company website for Wild Trails, a tour company in Kenya. He has also lived in Kingston Upon Thames, UK, and visited a bunch of countries around the world. "East, West, Home is best!"

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science from Daystar University, Kenya.

He has an understanding of the major programming languages, but prefers to stick to PHP as his primary language.

Erix has built 52 company websites, but who is counting?